Age Verification Policy Update: March 2024

State legislatures are attempting to shove AV bills through as quickly as possible and the past month has been extremely busy at FSC.

Three Bills Have Passed

Indiana, Idaho, and Florida passed laws mandating age verification in the last 30 days. We are currently evaluating our legal options in those states. Check our AV Mandate Effective Dates page to see when they take effect.

Several Bills are Close to Passage

Bills in Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Kansas are nearing passage by their legislatures. FSC is focusing our efforts on Arizona, where Democrats have overwhelmingly opposed the bill.

Some Good News

  • West Virginia’s 4 AV bills died at the end of the state’s 2024 legislative session.
  • After extensive outreach by FSC and the ACLU, the South Dakota bill was rewritten to study the issue of “minors’ access to pornographic material” and passed.
  • One of Tennessee’s AV bills failed in committee. FSC continues to fight HB 1614/SB 1792.
  • One of Kentucky’s AV bills was withdrawn. We’ll know on Friday whether our efforts to block a similar measure was successful.

To keep track of every update as it happens, please bookmark our Age Verification Bill Tracker.