Banking Fairness

Battling the Banks

Our industry is denied fair and dependable banking at every turn. Several bills and initiatives seek to outlaw banking discrimination or otherwise expand the playing field. Here are a few that we’re watching.

Current Bills

LocationLast UpdatedStatusDeadline to Pass
West VirginiaFebruary 15, 2023March 11, 2023
U.S. CongressFebruary 7, 2023January 7, 2025
OklahomaFebruary 6, 2023May 26, 2023
New HampshireFebruary 1, 2023June 29, 2023
TennesseeJanuary 30, 2023May 6, 2023
NebraskaJanuary 18, 2023April 18, 2023
ArkansasJanuary 3, 2023May 1, 2023

Latest Posts on Banking Fairness

  • Legislative Update: 5/22/23

    FSC filed a lawsuit in federal court on May 3 challenging Utah’s unconstitutional age verification mandate. Last week, we returned to Washington D.C. to continue the fight against the banking discrimination faced by businesses and individuals in the adult industry. read more

  • Legislative Update: 4.10.23

    Several bills moved forward, but there was some good news on the AVS front. Plus, Maine introduced a new banking fairness bill last week. read more

  • Legislative Update: 3.27.23

    We’ve now reached 29 age verification bills either passed or pending in legislatures around the country. With Pennsylvania’s introduction of HB 334, there have been 8 banking fairness bills introduced so far this year. read more

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