🏦 Federal Fair Access to Banking Act (2023)

Issue: Banking Fairness

Latest Action: Introduced on February 7, 2023

The bill aims to ensure fair access to financial services and fair treatment of customers by financial service providers. Specifically, to ensure that persons involved in politically unpopular businesses but that are lawful under Federal law receive fair access to financial services under the law and ensure banks operate in a safe and sound manner by making judgments and decisions about whether to provide a customer with financial services on an impartial, individualized risk-based analysis using empirical data evaluated under quantifiable standards.

Financial service providers impacted by the law would include: banks, credit unions, and payment card providers. 

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Read the Bill: US S 293 US HR 2743
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Bill Status
  • Introduced
  • Passed First Committee
  • Passed First Chamber
  • Passed Both Committees
  • Passed Both Chambers
  • Enacted

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