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We’ve worked hard to grow and build a responsible industry. But discriminatory zoning restrictions, misguided regulation, predatory counterfeiters and overbroad product bans leave our businesses vulnerable to attack. Below, some of the laws we’re engaged with or monitoring.

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Fargo Zoning Ordinance

On December 6, 2022, the Fargo, ND City Commission approved a proposal by Assistant Planning Director Mark Williams to classify stores that primarily carry sex toys as adult businesses for the purpose of zoning regulation. This puts them in the same zoning category as adult theaters and strip clubs and will severely limit the way affected retailers can operate, including where they can open new locations. The owners of local store chain Enchantasys have started a petition to repeal the new ordinance, which needs 2,500 signatures to succeed. 

West Virginia HB 2919

The Sexually Oriented Businesses Regulation Act would completely ban sexually oriented businesses from operating in the state of West Virginia. Sexually oriented businesses are defined extremely broadly and include retailers of videos, pleasure products, and print materials, theaters, strip clubs, and even art studios featuring nude models. 

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