📱Florida HB 1129/SB 1196

Issue: Device Filters

Latest Action: Introduced on January 8, 2024

This bill provides that, starting January 1, 2025, manufacturers are mandated to create devices that automatically activate a filter within Florida, preventing users from accessing harmful material for minors across various networks and applications. The filter must notify users when it blocks content, allow password-enabled users to unblock filtered content, and restrict others from deactivating or modifying the filter without the password. Manufacturers not complying face legal repercussions if a minor accesses harmful material on their device. Additionally, individuals, except for a minor's legal guardian, could be held liable in civil actions if they enable a password to bypass the filter on a minor's device leading to access to harmful content. Further, this bill specifically forbids using various electronic means to seduce, solicit, or entice minors or individuals believed to be minors into sharing nude images for sexual gratification.

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