🔞 Georgia SB 351

Issue: Age Verification

Latest Action: Sent to the governor on April 4, 2024

If the Governor does not veto by May 7th, the law will go into effect July 1, 2024

Age verification mandate. Relevant features:

  • Enforcement:
    • private lawsuits
    • fines of up to $10k per violation
  • Age verification mechanisms allowed:
    • digitized identification card, including a digital copy of a driver's license;
    • government-issued identification; or
    • any commercially reasonable age verification method that meets or exceeds an Identity Assurance Level 2 standard, as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology

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Bill Status
  • Introduced
  • Passed First Committee
  • Passed First Chamber
  • Passed Both Committees
  • Passed Both Chambers
  • Enacted

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