Illinois HB 2954 Civil Liability For Doxing Act

Provides that an individual engages in the act of doxing when that individual intentionally publishes another person's personally identifiable information without the consent of the person whose information is published and: (1) the information is published with the intent that it be used to harm or harass the person whose information is published and with knowledge or reckless disregard that the person whose information is published would be reasonably likely to suffer death, bodily injury, or stalking; and (2) the publishing of the information: (i) causes the victim to suffer significant economic injury or mental anguish or to fear serious bodily injury or death of the person or a family or household member to the person; or (ii) causes the victim to suffer a substantial life disruption. Allows a person who is aggrieved by a violation of the Act to bring a civil action against the individual who committed the offense to recover damages and obtain any other appropriate relief.

Latest Action: Sent to the Governor on June 7, 2023
Deadline: January 5, 2025

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Passed First Committee
Passed First Chamber
Passed Both Committees
Passed Both Chambers
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