Louisiana SR 170

Issue: Sex Work

Latest Action: Enacted on June 7, 2023

Creates the Task Force on Crime Against Nature by Solicitation, to study the effects of enforcement of the crime against nature by solicitation statute, and to propose recommendations, together with specific proposals for legislation, if the task force deems it necessary or appropriate.

Provides that the task force consists of the following members:

(1) Three representatives of Operation Restoration, appointed by the president of the board of directors, one of whom will be designated by the president to serve as chairman for the initial meeting.

(2) One member of the La. Senate, appointed by the president of the Senate.

(3) A representative from the office of the governor, appointed by the governor.

(4) A representative from the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections, appointed by the secretary of the department.

(5) A representative from the office of state police, appointed by the superintendent.

(6) A representative from the office of motor vehicles, appointed by the deputy secretary for the office of motor vehicles.

(7) A member of the La. District Attorneys Association, appointed by the executive director.

Provides relative to meetings of the task force, quorum, and voting.

Provides that the task force make any written report of its findings and recommendations by March 1, 2024.

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