Texas SB 2164 / HB 3585

Issue: Age Verification

Latest Action: Failed to pass before the end of the legislative session on May 29, 2023

Louisiana AVS law copycat.

Requires use of commercial age verification systems on websites that contain "a substantial portion of material that may be harmful to minors."

These bills (HB 3585, HB 3570, and SB 2164) are identical. Would take effect September 1, 2023.

Legislative description of amendments made on April 12, 2023: 

Whereas the introduced limited the requirement to use age verification to a commercial entity for whom more than one-third of the material they publish or distribute on a website is sexual material harmful to minors, the substitute makes the requirement applicable to any commercial entity that knowingly and intentionally publishes or distributes sexual material harmful to minors on a website, regardless of the amount of such material published or distributed.

The substitute includes a provision absent from the introduced establishing a 45-day grace period for a social media platform to remove or restrict through age verification harmful sexual material before that platform is liable to the parent or guardian of a minor for damages resulting from the minor's access to that material.

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