Free Speech Coalition’s First-Ever Washington D.C. Fly-In Day

FSC’s Capitol Hill Fly-In is your opportunity to meet with members of Congress or their key staff to communicate how financial discrimination affects your business and the adult industry.

Our voice is stronger when we come together. As an industry group we have a greater chance of being heard by Members of Congress as they consider legislation affecting us.

The focus of this event will be banking discrimination. Access to banking services is a basic necessity in our society and adult industry members experience financial discrimination at alarming rates. The upshot is that already stigmatized and marginalized workers and businesses lose control of their own finances, subjecting them to extreme risk of exploitation.

Our goal is to raise awareness in Congress about the urgent need for reforms to ensure fair access to banking services.

Important Dates

April 23: Last day to register your interest in attending

Week of April 24: Orientation session (day/time TBD)

May 11: Fly-In Day!