Legislative Update: 10/23/23

NEW: Age Verification Lawsuit Tracker

Lawsuits are complicated and can be difficult to keep track of. That’s why we created a new resource to track our cases in progress. For each lawsuit (there are three so far), it lists the most recent update, what we’re expecting next, and the history of major developments in the case (including documents).

AV Mandate Passes in North Carolina

Despite our well-reasoned opposition, North Carolina’s governor (perhaps unsurprisingly) signed HB 8, a last-minute addition to an unrelated bill that mandates age verification in the state. The law will go into effect January 1, 2024.

Two More States Jump on the AV Bandwagon


A Republican in the Democratic-controlled Illinois Senate introduced a bill in early October that would fine sites thousands of dollars per day if they do not implement age verification that verifies users’ government ID or determines they are over 18 using information collected by data brokers.


A state representative in rural Ohio introduced a new bill that would subject adult websites to felony charges and civil fines if they do not require users to show photo identification or other private data to access their content.

We will, of course, oppose these bills and continue to track all age-verification legislation in our Bill Tracker.