Florida Residents: Oppose SB 472!

This week, a Florida state senator introduced a bill identical to the Louisiana age verification law. It’s a veritable grab bag of regressive, unconstitutional policies designed to harm the adult entertainment industry. Most notably, it includes language that copies Louisiana’s age verification mandate that requires visitors to websites containing over 33.33% “material harmful to minors” to submit their government ID or other private data in order to access Constitutionally-protected sexual expression. 

 The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) whole-heartedly supports the goal of protecting young people from material that is age-inappropriate or harmful. As the trade association for the adult industry, FSC has both the subject matter expertise and a sincere desire to collaborate with legislators on workable solutions.

Unfortunately, this bill has significant practical, technical and legal problems that will undermine its effectiveness in protecting children, create serious privacy risks and infringe on Americans’ Constitutional rights. 

If you live or own a company in Florida, you can use the form below to tell your state senator to vote NO on SB 472!